Meet our practitioners

Katie Blakely.

Katie Blakely – Naturopath

Katie is passionate about empowering women with wellness. Katie has a strong focus on supporting families through preconception, pregnancy & postpartum – helping to increase chances of best outcomes for Mum & Bub. Katie also works with women who are feeling tired, worn out & not themselves – particularly in the Postpartum period. Hormonal irregularities resulting in painful or heavy periods, low mood, PCOS & iregular periods, as well as PMDD and PMS are also addresssed in clinic.

As well as being a degree qualified Naturopath, Katie is currently studying Masters in Counselling at University of Canberra as she acknowledges the important role of counselling within the Naturopathic space, as well as the impacts of nervous system dysregulation, stress and trauma on health. At Katie Blakely Wellness there the aim to be trauma informed & have open discussions around mental health. 

Her approach is centred around the Naturopathic principles with a particular focus on ‘Vis medicatrix naturae’ or ‘The Healing Power of Nature’ which refers to the body’s innate ability to heal when given the right circumstances, the ability of time in nature to heal the body and mind, and the power that nature has given us to heal – in the forms of food as medicine and herbal medicines.  

Katie uses a range of techniques to assess the cause of her client’s symptoms. She takes a detailed history, asking about the current symptoms, various body systems, diet, lifestyle and stress, as well as ordering appropriate testing (looking at blood, urine, stool and breath) where necessary to get to the bottom of what’s happening in the body.

Katie came to Naturopathy through her own health journey with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, heavy, painful periods, fatigue, and an immune system that was clearly struggling. As a teenager, she came across a Naturopath who helped her to make dietary changes and with herbal prescriptions that changed her life and hence inspired a career in Naturopathy. 

Katie is an accredited practitioner with the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia.


Danielle Terhaar – Clinical Nutritionist

As a passionate and dedicated nutritionist, Dani’s mission is to support, educate, empower and advocate for women in their journey towards optimal health and well-being. Not only does Dani address current health complaints, she also helps you to lay a solid foundation for a long, vibrant and healthy life.

By aiming to understand each woman’s unique needs, lifestyle and goals, Dani provides personalised guidance and evidence-based nutritional advice, supporting women to make informed and collaborative choices.

Dani works with clients in one-on-one consultations, providing educational resources, meal plans, recipe suggestions and nutritional education to equip women with the knowledge and tools to make sustainable, life-long changes.

Taking a food as medicine approach, Dani can help you to create balanced, individualised, nourishing and tasty meal plans to support you and empower you in your overall health and wellness.

Dani has a particular interest in supporting women through peri-menopause and beyond, educating women on the specific nutritional demands that we have across our lifespan. 

Dani has completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine, meaning that she is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist and an accredited practitioner with the Australian Natural Therapies Association.

You may be able to claim your consultations with Dani on your private health insurance extras, depending on your cover. To find out, contact your provider and ask if they offer cover for Clinical Nutrition consultations.