Protein Rich Foods eBook by Dani terHaar

How is your protein intake?

Dani has put together this collection of 10 recipes to inspire you to increase your protein intake – and make it fun! This recipe eBook contains both plant & animal proteins, great for helping you to create a varied & balanced diet.


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So often when we think of eating more protein it's when we're thinking about growing big, strong muscles & supporting exercise.

But protein is so much more important than that.

Our dietary protein is used by our bodies to grow and repair cells - that's some pretty important stuff! Eating adequate, good quality protein is a great way to support your:

  • mental health & mood
  • sleep quality
  • energy levels
  • weight
  • gut health
  • hormonal health
  • sugar cravings
  • .... everything!

This recipe eBook contains:

  • 10 recipes put together by our Healthy Ageing & Perimenopause Clinical Nutritionist, Dani terHaar
  • 3 breakfast recipes
  • 7 recipes for lunches or dinners

These recipes are relatively quick & easy to put together, rich in various sources of protein & healthy, well balanced meals.

While we find these meals absolutely delicious, they are not put together for fussy kids & are healthier-style recipes.

If you would like further support with your diet, consider booking a discovery call with Dani here, or have a look at The Health Hub for fantastic resources