Olive & Bee Intimate Cream

Natural, low-tox intimate cream, personal lubricant & massage oil

Choosing a lube that has a positive effect on the vagina is essential. Olive & Bee is a gentle, low-tox personal lubricant that is free from added nasties (that you can find in most lubricants!)

It is perfect for reducing symptoms of vaginal dryness. Made from only beeswax & olive oil, Olive & Bee can also be used as a moisturizer & massage oil.

Please note: This product is not safe to use with condoms.


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Product Details

About Olive & Bee:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil was chosen as a base, as it is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, and is high in antioxidants, hence is self-preserving without the need to add chemical preservatives. Olive Oil also has a low comedogenic rating, hence it is less likely to block pores than other oils such as coconut oil.

It was formulated with beeswax as this is a natural thickener with anti-inflammatory properties. Both substances are anhydrous, which means they have low water activity, hence don’t grow nasty bacteria, fungi or mould. The low water content also means that they won’t interfere with vaginal pH or osmolarity.

We have decided to use the term “Intimate Cream” as opposed to “Personal Lubricant”. Firstly, this has less of a sexual connotation, and we feel it makes the purchase easier. Secondly, this product has multiple uses apart from intercourse! Women can experience vaginal dryness from several causes, and Olive & Bee may improve comfort and wellbeing. In fact it can be used as a body moisturiser and it makes a great massage oil.

Why choose this personal lubricant?

When choosing a personal lubricant, it's really important to consider the impact on the vaginal microbiome and the body as a whole. Keep an eye out for a blog giving more detail on this & for now check out my blog looking at the impacts of period products on the vagina.