Zazen Alkaline Water Ceramic Filter Replacement Part

The Ceramic Filteris a crucial part of the Zazen Alkaline Water Filter. The Ceramic filter needs to be changed approximately once a year and is responsible for filtering out rust, sediment, bacteria, guardia, reducing organic and inorganic particles in water. It also has a natural anti-bacterial effect.

Zazen Alkaline Water Filter is a great choice for removing toxins, heavy metal & bacteria from your water. This is the filter that we choose for our family, and with great results.


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Product Details

Zazen Alkaline Water Filter is my absolute favourite water filtration system - and is something that I, myself use, both at home & in the clinic and something that all of my immediate family use too. The reason that I choose Zazen is because not only is the water filtered, but it is also remineralized and structured to help enhance absorption of the water.

This ceramic filter is compatible with the Zazen Alkaline Water Filter. It fits in both the glass base & BPA free plastic base. If you'd like to buy a Zazen, you can do so here.

It's normal for the ceramic filter to get some build up & it's important that it is cleaned correctly. Zazen have provided this video to show you how to clean your ceramic filter.

You can read more about Zazen water filters in my blog, here.


Additional information

Reduces Chlorine

Up to 99.9% with our Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge


pH around 7.4 (can increase up to 8.5 pH using our zazen Alkalinity & Anti-Oxidant Enhancer), depending on your source water

Reduces Fluoride

Up to 90% with our Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge using world-class media certified in the USA

Exceptional Quality

Filters harmful THMs, poisonous heavy metals and other bacteria down to 0.2 micron

Glass Option

Hand-Blown Glass Bottom Tank option – all plastics are BPA & Phthalate Free

Tastes Delicious

Everyone loves it, especially kids!


Immediately at a cellular level helping to release toxic waste


With a balanced range of essential alkaline minerals & electrolytes