Pre-Conception Handbook by Katie Blakely

Are you getting ready to have a baby?

Have you considered doing Pre-Conception care? Written by Women’s Health Naturopath, Katie Blakely, this eBook explores the basics of preconception care to get you started on your journey to welcoming your little bundle of joy into the world.

This eBook is aimed at getting you thinking about what you and your partner can be doing to get your bodies ready to make a baby – afterall, we know that both Mum & Dad are contributing their DNA.


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The eBook contains information on:

  • Why Katie is passionate about this area of health
  • Katie's own journey
  • The benefits of preconception care
  • Nourishing with diet & lifestyle
  • When to start preconception care
  • What preconception care is
  • Why egg quality & menstrual cycle are important and what to look out for
  • Why sperm quality is important
  • The influence of the maternal microbiome
  • The basics of preconception care
  • The importance of blood tests prior to conception
  • Why you might choose low tox living during preconception and beyond
  • The impact of filtered water
  • Discussions on birth
  • Discussions on postpartum
  • What to expect from consultations
  • Resources to explore

There is so much content packed into this 30 page eBook!

If you would like further support with preconception care, consider booking a discovery call with Katie here, or have a look at The Health Hub for fantastic resources.

While not specific to preconception care, our program The Holistic Reset is a fantastic way of learning more about diet & wellness, and pairs in nicely with this eBook.

We also have some fantastic blogs on preconception care, including Do Men Need Preconception Care & The Truth About Plastics & Fertility.